Senior-level Networking

Connect with your peers to an exclusive membership, built on industry expertise and experience. Expect thought-provoking content, gourmet dinners, and award-winning beers. We won’t send you invites to anything else.


“One of the best events I have ever been to.”



Personalised Services

Be among the first to receive highly tailored updates on forthcoming VIP dinners, industry roundtables and special events. The network works on personal recommendations, ensuring you only receive the most relevant and bespoke information. Plus you can invite a senior colleague to accompany you.

“Fantastic event last night, thank you for including myself and my colleague”
New York


Mix Business
With Pleasure

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Business discussion from leading figures in your industry. Complemented by a Chief Beer Officer experience of beer-themed education, entertainment and a hint of competition, hosted by the world’s leading beer experts.

“These are really great events and last night was no exception.”
New York




Engaging Thought Leadership

Hear from your industry’s leading innovators, thought leaders and decision-makers. Network and build relationships with your peers and key individuals. Collectively your network will shape companies’ futures and industries.


“One of the best industry events …  every single person I spoke to had in-depth experience and real industry insight”